Nosa Stick - Living God (Prod. By Mr Godwyn)

This year 2018 is currently witnessing the wave of new artists into the limelight. Leading the rave is none other than Nosa Stick, a Gospel  singing sensation whose sound is incomparably special from Edo State. He links up with no other person than himself, spirit and soul in this one titled "Living God". The jam was produced by Mr Godwyn and if i were you, I'd make sure i listen to this because you just don't want to miss the good vibes been cooked up here!!! Trust me lol.
Click here to download....Enjoy!!!!!
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Imeh Bishop Umoh Dedicates Child (Cute Family Photos)

Popular Nollywood Actor Ime Bishop AKA dedicates his second daughter to God today Sunday 18th March 2018.

The couple loved up together with the daughters in a lovely photoshoot.

Congratulations to this beautiful family

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Aisha Buhari Becomes UNAIDS Special Ambassador

The Joint UN Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) has appointed Wife of the President, Hajiya Aisha Buhari as UNAIDS Special Ambassador for the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Promotion of Treatment for Children living with HIV in Nigeria.

Mr Charles-Martin Jjuuko, Communications and Global Outreach Officer, UNAIDS Nigeria disclosed this in a statement.
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Chidinma Speaks On Relationship With Kiss Daniel

Singer Chidinma has spoken about her relationship with Kiss Daniel to Punch saying it is left for those who want to believe they are dating to believe, and those who think they aren't dating can also keep to their belief. Speaking about what brought herself and Flavour together and her relationship with Kiss Daniel, Chidinma says;

I was never signed to Flavour’s record company and I wasn’t in a relationship with him. However, I have been involved in some projects with him because we have a good chemistry. Working with him is fun and less stressful.

And about Kiss Daniel. I don’t like to speak about my relationship or love life in public. There is nothing to talk about me and Kiss Daniel; people can say anything they want to say. Whether I am in a relationship with him or not, everyone will get to know later. I find it weird that I am always linked to one musician or the other. At times, it takes extra effort for me to convince people that certain reports about me are untrue.
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Osinbajo Walks His Daughter Oludamilola Down Aisle At Wedding Church Service

Vice President @profosinbajo walks Oludamilola her daughter up the aisle at the church service where her marriage to Oluwaseun Bakare was solemnized today at the Christian Ecumenical Center Abuja.


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Franklin Graham's Tweet About Stephen Hawkins And The Reply He Got

Savage Reply To Billy Graham Son About Stephen Hawkins

I hope Stephen Hawking did not miss the simple truth that God is the Creator of the universe he loved to study and everything in it.
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Monkey Pulls Down Woman’s Top In Thailand, Exposing Her Boobs (Photos)

A woman was almost embarrassed by a monkey in Thailand after it hopped on her and playfully pulled down her top, exposing her boobs in the process.

Brittany Bowman was travelling with friends when she visited Chiang Mai monkey centre in Thailand to visit the local macaques.

The Los Angeles native let the baby monkey clamber over her after it jumped onto her leg.

But while the macaque was attempting to swing up to her shoulders, it grabbed on to Brittany’s off-the-shoulder top and almost pulled it down.

Luckily Brittany pulled it back in time and managed to avoid embarrassment.

The shocked tourist was left in fits of giggles as she grabbed hold of her top to protect her modesty. The owner of the monkey jokingly stated that it was probably looking for breast milk.

Brittany said:

“It left all of us laughing hysterically, almost to the point of tears. “I was just so scared that the monkey was jumping on me that I didn’t even consider it would pull down my top. “The owners said he must have been looking for breast milk.

“It was all just so random, I’m just glad we caught it on camera.”

According to Britannica:

Macaques are robust primates whose arms and legs are of about the same length. Their fur is generally a shade of brown or black, and their muzzles, like those of baboons, are doglike but rounded in profile, with nostrils on the upper surface.

The tail varies between species and may be long, of moderate length, short, or absent. Size differs between the sexes and between the species; males range in head and body length from about 41 to 70 cm (16 to 28 inches) and in weight from about 2.4 kg (5.3 pounds) in females and 5.5 kg in males of the smallest species.

Macaques are omnivorous, and they possess large cheek pouches in which they carry extra food. Breeding occurs year-round in some (mostly tropical) species, but, among those living outside the tropics, it is seasonal. Single young are born after about six months’ gestation and become adult at four years. Macaques are considered highly intelligent but may be bad-tempered as adults.

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Richard Appiah Akoto: Computers Donated To Ghana School (Photos)

Ummm do you Remember Richard Appiah Akoto, who gained fame last month for drawing MS Word on Chalkboard used in teaching computer science to students at Betenase M/A Junior High School in the southern Ghana town of Sekyedumase?

Well he is starting to appreciate the fruits of his unexpected media attention. As people and organizations have already started donating desktop computers and laptops to the school.

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4 victims of FIU bridge collapse identified by police

PHOTO: Crushed cars are shown under a section of a collapsed pedestrian bridge, March 16, 2018 near Florida International University in Miami.
Three victims -- Rolando Fraga Hernandez, Oswald Gonzalez and Alberto Arias -- were found Saturday morning after crews removed two cars from the rubble left at the scene, Miami-Dade police said today.
The fourth identified victim, Navarro Brown, died at a hospital, police said. 
PHOTO: This photo provided by DroneBase shows the collapsed pedestrian bridge at Florida International University in Miami, March 15, 2018.
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Hacker Who Gave Up Wikileaks Source Dies

Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker best known for passing on information that led to the arrest of Chelsea Manning, has died aged 37.

In online messaging conversations, Manning confided in him, describing confidential military material Manning had sent to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks published the video of a US helicopter strike that killed seven people, including a journalist working for the Reuters news agency.

The cause of Lamo’s death, confirmed to the BBC by the Sedgwick County coroner in Kansas, has not yet been made public.

On Facebook, his father Mario wrote: “With great sadness and a broken heart I have to let know all of Adrian's friends and acquittances [sic] that he is dead. A bright mind and compassionate soul is gone, he was my beloved son.”

Lamo's own record as a hacker included some high-profile targets, such as Microsoft and the New York Times.
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Zimbabwe Crowns First ‘Miss Albino’ (Photos)

Zimbabwe has crowned its first-ever “Miss Albino’’ in a beauty pageant that aims to tackle the stigma faced by people with the rare disorder.

“I want to fight for the rights of children with albinism,” competition winner, Sithembiso Mutukura said.

The 22-year-old social work student receives a cash prize of 85 dollars – far less than was originally planned, said event organiser, Brenda Mudzimu, who is paying the sum out of her own pocket.

Mudzimu criticised Zimbabwe’s government and the private sector for not supporting the initiative.

Thirteen women took part in the “Miss Albino’’ pageant, which in its inaugural year attracted just one sponsor.

People, who suffer from albinism have lighter skin and hair due to an absence of pigment.

The condition is also associated with vision problems.

Albino people face discrimination and violence in many African countries, where superstition says that their body parts possess magical powers.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has counted 600 attacks on people with albinism since 2006 in 28 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Amzing! Meet 12 Year-old Nigerian Web Developer, Obaloluwa Odelana

The young fella who is a 12-year-old web developer, was at the  WordCamp Lagos 2018. He learnt how to code from the internet at 11, he has built quite a number of websites and also the founder of King O Designs.
Watch Video here
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OAU Students Pay N90 For Accommodation Per Year ―vice Chancellor

THE Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede, hasdisclosed that students of the institution pay as low as N90 for accommodation and an additional N2,500 as charges for maintenance,making it a total of N2,590 per annum as accommodation fee.Professor Ogunbodede disclosed this while delivering his speech at the International Campus Journalism Conference, hosted by the Association of Campus Journalists, Obafemi Awolowo University.He mentioned that no university will be happy to see students suffering on the grounds of poor accommodation. For this reason, headded that the University has identified the problems related to the problem and has started makingmoves to tackle them.“What students pay on campus per annum is N90 plus N2,500 for maintenance fees making a total of N2,590 for a whole year and they enjoy free light and free water,” he said.He further said that “less than 25 million naira is made from the halls of residence per year. The monthly electricity bill when students are in session is about 60 million, and when they are not in session, it is between 35-40 million”.The Vice Chancellor admitted that although the fees paid for accommodation by students appears to be very small, it does notaffect the economic standing of the University.Professor Ogunbodede, who also was a member of ACJ OAU in 1977, said that his administration will continue to work towards ensuring the comfort of students in the halls of residence.

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Morocco Plans To Spend $15.8Bn If It Gets 2026 Soccer World Cup

Morocco has proposed using 14 stadiums and budgeting to spend 15.8 billion dollars on infrastructure if it wins the right to host the World Cup soccer finals in 2026, the country’s bid committee announced at a news conference today.

But Morocco will not build any new stadiums for the tournament, preferring to renovate and modify existing venues and add temporary capacity to others, said candidature chairman Moulay Hafid Elalamy, who is also a government minister.

The North African country is up against a joint bid from Canada, Mexico and the United States when world soccer governing body FIFA’s member countries decide in Moscow on June 13 who will host the tournament eight years from now.

Saturday’s news conference revealed details of Morocco’s bid book, which was presented to FIFA on Friday, with the central theme being making their football infrastructure sustainable after the tournament and keeping down construction costs.
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"That Is Not Chioma's Page"- Davido React To Unfollowing Girlfriend On Instagram

After the news broke online that the "If" crooner "davido" has unfollow is girlfriend "chioma" on instagram.

The singer also waste no time to clear the air that the page he unfollowed is one of the fake pages of his girlfriend "Chioma".

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Kiss Daniel Buys His Younger Brother A Chevrolet To Celebrate His Birthday

Singer, Kiss Daniel has gifted his younger brother Anidugbe Mofoluwato Uthman with a Chevrolet Camaro whip to celebrate his birthday today.
The excited Uthman took to Instagram to thank his celebrity brother for the birthday gift.

He wrote:
‘Thanks bro! @iamkissdaniel for the perfect bday gift,no need for epistle bro ..I love you too much ?? #camarogang
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Wizkid First Son Boluawtife Set To Launch Clothing Line

As seen on IG. Bolutife set to launch his own clothing line.

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Davido Performs At Fatima Dangote's Wedding (Photos)

DMW boss, Davido was one of the celebrities that honoured Dangote’s special invitations to his daughters wedding, the singer made it known in an Instagram post that he will be performing at the wedding of the daughter to Africa’s Richest Man in Kano and then he will be taking a flight straight to Duala, Cameroon to continue his 30billiongang tour.

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Woman Flogs School Bursar In Sapele, Delta For Refusing Her Kids To Write Exams

There was pandemonium yesterday in Bethel Nursery/Primary school in Sapele area of Delta state after a woman who just gave birth two weeks ago - stormed the school yesterday morning to flog the bursar after her children were not allowed to write exams because they didn't pay their school fees.

It was gathered that the woman's husband had made trouble and threatened the headmistress few days ago over the same issue.

The woman allegedly even bit one of the teachers who was trying to restrain her from flogging the bursar.

Pictured below is the bursar with her her flogged hand after the woman's attack.
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Williams Uchemba Speaks On The Principle Of Success, Debunks Fraud Rumours

Nigerian UN Ambassador, Williams Uchemba who currently based in the United states, has finally reacted to circulating rumours on how he made his money and possible ways he acquired his wealth.

Williams Uchemba began to face quiet a lot of criticisms after releasing photos of his new house worth over N500 million, Nigerians who couldnt fathom the source of his wealth accused him of multiple gay relationships, defrauding white women, sugar mummy, yahoo fraud and so on.

In a Letter to the New Generation, he wrote:

The laws and principles set by God from the beginning of time doesn’t change with time. If you think fraud, theft, rituals and scam is a new trend then read the Bible and you will understand that it didn’t start today but (the word) also states how people like that would end up; it has never been a good ending… If the laws of gravity that says anything that goes up must come down is still valid up until today; what makes you think that the laws of success have changed! It’s the same old principle. That being said, find out the works that God has called you to do and do them diligently and he will bless it like he promised(Deu 28:12). There is nothing like quick money anywhere around the world that is legit..whatever you do always seek good success(Joshua 1:cool…#seekfirstGodskingdom

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