Yaweh - King Daniel Ft Ufoma

Wow!! The most anticipated Song "Yaweh" Finally drops! Seriously guys, y'all need to listen to this song titled Yaweh sang by King Daniel ft Ufoma  Produced by Mr Godwyn. The song is a blast and the artist is currently giving out 200 Naira airtime to the first twenty downloads, all you have to do is download the song from here, take a screenshot of you playing it on your media player, head over to his  Facebook page by clicking here, tag your friends and upload the screenshot (of you playing the song on your media player) that's it. It's as easy as that. According to him, "Yaweh was an inspiration, i got up one morning and told Ufoma i had a song in mind titled Yaweh so we did it without wasting time". The song is actually the first single from the star, we hope to see great new stuff real soon.
Click here to download
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Photos From Florida High School Shooting That Killed 17 And Injured 50

At least 17 students at a Florida high school were killed after a gunman opened fire on them with an automatic rifle, in one of the deadliest school shootings on record in the US.

Officials said another 50 were injured at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the small city of Parkland, around 45 miles north of Miami.

The suspect has been identified as 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, who was arrested after a brief manhunt.

Mr Cruz had been expelled for “disciplinary reasons”, while teachers said they had previously been warned that he could pose a danger to the campus.

Just as classes were being sent home for the day, police say Mr Cruz began spraying bullets into the high school hallway.

Authorities said Mr Cruz carried “countless magazines” and an AR-15 rifle.

Florida senator Bill Nelson, who claimed to have been briefed by the FBI on the issue, said the shooter wore a gas mask and carried smoke grenades.

He also said that the fire alarm had been set off so that his victims would pour out into the hall.

Staff and students walked single file outside the school as they evacuated after the shooting.

Parents wait for news after a reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

Parents hug their children near the school after the shooting broke out on Wednesday afternoon.

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DJ Cuppy To Asa Asika "I Got You Bae"

"Dj cuppy" The daughter of billionaire oil mogul "femi otedola" has finally reveal to the world that she is in a relationship with davido's manager "asa asika"

Asa asika who tweeted:

Make sure whoever you got, got you!

Djcuppy then quoted the tweet and replied:

I Got You Bae, �❤
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Photos Of Adesua Etomi And Banky W That Show Valentine Inspiration

Even thought it’s been over two months since Banky W and Adesua Etomi tied the knot and became a married couple, people still remember #BAAD2017 the popularity of the couple.

Their love story is inspiring to people because of how good they are for each other.

After their wedding, the couple are still as cute as ever, especially at events where they still show more than enough cute love.

This couple will show you what couple goals really is.

These 8 photos of Adesua and Banky W are our valentine inspiration

1. Banky And Adesua looking good in blue

2. Nothing is as cute as these two when they are just themselves.

3. We definitely can’t wait to see how their baby would look

4. Their smiles just seem to blend

5. They are cute here in this photo

6. Banky and Adesua seem to match even when taking a photo

7. Banky And Adesua look natural

8. The newly weds experiencing wildlife during their honeymoon
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Davido Pecking His Girlfriend, Chioma Avril Rowland In New Loved Up Photo

”FIA” crooner and Nigerian superstar Davido, and the current love of his life, Chioma stepped out for a date looking like the bags of money they are.

Davido has never showed off any woman he is romantically involved with like this, so we can confidently say he is in love and this might go far.

He even calls her his chef!

Reports making the rounds on social media reveal that Chioma Avril Rowland, is a 300 Level student of Babcock University who is also head over heels in love with Davido.
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Two Nigerian Sisters Who Are Pilots (Photos)

A proud Nigerian family is being celebrated for producing two female pilots, 23-year-old Efe and 21-year-old Precious. According to reports, the ladies who are from Delta state and based in Abuja - were hosted by a Kogi State government official who recognized and honored them in government House some months ago.

According to reports, the lovely ladies are set to leave for abroad in a bid to further their studies.

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Governor El-Rufai Almost Kneels To Greet President Buhari

As the president of the Federal republic stormed Kaduna To Induct TSAIGUMI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Governor Nsair El-Rufai was full of respect for him.
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Man That Steals With Snake Caught At Benin New Market, Stripped Unclad By Mob

A man was allegedly found stealing people's phones and money at New Benin market.According to report,he came along with a  snake which swallowed everything he stole.When he was beaten up by mob,he made the snake vomit all that he stole.Initially I doubted the story but Angel and Joy said they witnessed the incident.

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Secondary School Students Buying Valentine Gifts At A Shop (Photo)

 Shouldn't they be in class? Secondary students gather at a shop buying Valentine gifts

Nothing wrong with buying gifts for their friends...whoever as long as they aren't loitering around during school hours.
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Kenyan Lady Takes Loan From Her Dad To Buy Her Boyfriend A Mercedes For Val

A 20-year-old Lady, a Kenyan, model and a student of Kenya Methodist University has surprised her boyfriend with a brand new whip for Valentine.

The Lady, identified as Fridah Kariuki, the lady acquired the new whip, a brand new Mercedez as a gift for her man, just to show how much she loves him.

According to multiple reports, Fridah took a loan from her father to buy the car, as they’ve been dating for the past four years.
They also revealed that their parents are very supportive of their relationship.

See photos below;

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Man Looking At A Lady's Wide Cleavage (Hilarious Photo)

The man is enjoying spying the lady's open cleavage, she' all smile in the picture... lol
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Must see! Guy Spends Almost A Year Gluing 42,000 Matches To Make A Giant Sphere

Often we come up with a random yet intriguing idea but it remains just that, an idea. However, wallacemk was playing around with matches and such a fascinating thought crossed his mind, he just had to follow it.

“As I started the project I was very interested in trying to figure out approximately how many matches I would need. I was buying them in boxes of 300 from my grocery store (I am sure they thought I was crazy) and needed to know if I was about to break the bank. I started playing around in the modeling software Rhino to get a sense of what this match sphere would ultimately become.”

“I used that 0.82 degree angle to help me find the circle that the matches would create based on their shape. According to the program, if all matches are created equally (which they are not) then I would get a circle comprised of 439 matches that is 17.643″ in diameter. The surface area of a sphere can be found with the equation 4πr2 and since r=8.8215″ we get 977.405 square inches. Our matches each take up approximately 0.0156 square inches of that surface so 977.405 square inches / 0.0156 square inches = 62,654 matches in a perfect world.”

“I modeled the damn thing but my computer couldn’t render it. I had to keep cutting away parts until I stopped running out of memory. For your pleasure, here is a quarter of the sphere rendered in virtual reality.”

“Then the gluing began! I think the best way to describe this process is to articulate my mental and emotional state while gluing matches together for hours upon hours. This photo was taken at a time of excitement and optimism. My theory was working and the curvature of the sphere was beginning to take shape!”

“This photo marks a turning point in my euphoria to a strong understanding of just how much time, energy, and matches were going to go into this sphere. The shape was coming out nicely but it was taking a long time just to get a single layer of matches glued on. I was adding them in a circle that just kept growing and growing and yet not growing nearly as quickly as I would have liked.”

“Early on I realized that aligning matches so that the heads were all sitting in the same direction helped me glue them up much much faster. I could grab about 7 matches at a time and hot glue them to the globe.”

“The joy of nearing the halfway point here was doused by the fact that I was using boxes of 300 matches and a single box wouldn’t even get me a single layer of growth. The middle was a depressing time.”

“But I kept going! And it kept growing! And it started to look less like a sphere and more like a child’s approximation of a sphere. I had to let go of the idea of perfection when I saw that I hadn’t been able to maintain a perfect growth just by eyeballing the placing of the matches. I guess I could have templated the curvature and really tried to nail it but I was so far past the point of caring that I just wanted to get it done.”

“So close but so damn far. It also got harder to place the matches as I had to reach inside the curve. Also it should be noted that I was doing all this work in a metal shop so it was a lot of fun to keep sparks away from this. Huge thanks go out to my bosses and coworkers who put up with me making this in their space!”

“I kept all my empty boxes of matches in order to get an estimate of how many I used in the end. I finished with exactly 140 boxes of matches that went into this project. If they all actually had exactly 300 matches in them, that equals 42,000 matches. This was significantly off from my 62,654 match estimate but many factors could have contributed to this: Maybe there aren’t exactly 300 matches in each box. Maybe I didn’t make a perfect sphere (I didn’t). Maybe matches are different sizes (they are). Still, 20,000 matches is a significant margin of error. So much for accuracy.”

“And this is what you get. Turns out all green matches are not exactly the same color and I have no idea why they shifted the way they did. The potential energy here was very palpable. All in all this thing took approximately ten months to create chipping away at it during evenings and weekends. Totally worth it.”

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