American Woman Arrested in India with 1.9 kilograms of Cocaine Allegedly Given to Her by a Nigerian in Brazil (Photos+Video)

A Delhi Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) unit has arrested an American woman with 1.9-kilogram cocaine worth Rs 10 crore. US citizen Stephanie Caprio Policarpio, who hails from Chicago.
According to India.com, she was arrested from a hotel in Central Delhi’s Paharganj area. Stephanie allegedly received cocaine from a Nigerian in Brazil.
She was about to deliver the drug to a Nigerian national in Delhi when the NCB officials arrested her. The NCB found 28 thread rolls in her luggage at the hotel room.
On cutting open the thread rolls, packets of cocaine were found concealed along with rolls. She has travelled to Spain, Switzerland and Uganda since February 2017.
This is the second seizure of cocaine effected by NCB within a week which originated from South American countries via Africa. NCB seized 10.770 Kg Cocaine, 12.033 Kg Heroine, 3.020 Kg Opium, 67.224 Kg Hasish, 2633.454 Kg Ganza, 49.760 Kg Ephedrine, 1725.630 Kg poppy Straw, 5.097 Kg and 1550 tablets Nitrazepam 8 gm od MDMA and 2 gm Ecstasy in this month.
Total 41 people including 8 foreigners 3 Nigerian, 2 Venezuelan, 1 USA, 1 Bolivian, 1 Paraguayan have been arrested so far.
Watch video below:

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