Williams Uchemba Speaks On The Principle Of Success, Debunks Fraud Rumours

Nigerian UN Ambassador, Williams Uchemba who currently based in the
United states, has finally reacted to circulating rumours on how he made
his money and possible ways he acquired his wealth.

Uchemba began to face quiet a lot of criticisms after releasing photos
of his new house worth over N500 million, Nigerians who couldnt fathom
the source of his wealth accused him of multiple gay relationships,
defrauding white women, sugar mummy, yahoo fraud and so on.

In a Letter to the New Generation, he wrote:

laws and principles set by God from the beginning of time doesn’t
change with time. If you think fraud, theft, rituals and scam is a new
trend then read the Bible and you will understand that it didn’t start
today but (the word) also states how people like that would end up; it
has never been a good ending… If the laws of gravity that says anything
that goes up must come down is still valid up until today; what makes
you think that the laws of success have changed! It’s the same old
principle. That being said, find out the works that God has called you
to do and do them diligently and he will bless it like he promised(Deu
28:12). There is nothing like quick money anywhere around the world that
is legit..whatever you do always seek good success(Joshua 1:cool…#seekfirstGodskingdom

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