Lady Lists Her Achievements As She Turns 20

A Nigerian lady, Ogbonna Rita Prudent Chinwendu  who turns 20 today has taken to her  Facebook page to list her achievements .

According to her, she got admission into the university at the age of 15, four years later she graduated aged 19.

Soon after graduation, she got a good paying job in Lekki, and as she
turns 20 today, she has gotten an apartment of her own. Rita says she is
now getting ready to go for NYSC.

 She wrote:

    God has shown me GENUINE LOVE

    Love that superceeds all other loves !!!

    At Age 15,I was admitted into a higher instution.As young as I was,God saw me through.

    Good grades became my surname!!!

    At age 19 he made me a graduate with flyng colors as my birthday gift.

    At same age 19 he blessed me with a good paying job in lekki

    And now,at age 20,he has given me an apartment as my birthday gift!

    Mama got my backBeautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20?

    Hardwork pays,Determination Rocks and Focus Helps

    Thank you jesusBeautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20?

    Happy birthday to me!!!!!!

    Am a Taurus Diva

    #NYSC loading

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