Beejai Footies – The Female Cobbler With The Tools

Hello there, are you looking for a good cobbler to make you nice footwears both within and outside the country? If yes, then you just stumbled upon the right post as Beejai Footies is your perfect spot.

Beejai Footies deals in making of quality footwears both for males and females with lovely quality and amazing leather.

Beejai Footies is handled by Miss Bee herself, when every other lady wanted to dive into hair dressing and sorts, this young lady took it upon herself to go into shoe making (whats considered manly) in other to make our feet adorable lol, she’s literally the cobbler with the tools.

CEO, Beejai Footies

Seriously guys, Y’all gotta give Beejai Footies a try and you won’t regret it i assure you and btw why do you need to buy from us?

1. They sell quality Made-in-Nigeria footwears As they work with time in production.
2. Their footwears designs are classic and durable
3. You enjoy fantastic bulk price discount when you buy in bulk
4. When you buy their Made-Nigeria-Footwear, you would help in growing the Nigeria economy
5. They offer nationwide delivery, saving you the cost and stress incurred in the purchasing process.
6. Their quality Made in Nigeria shoes are ideal for export business.

Without any Iota of doubt, i’d literally recommend her to anyone because she’s capable, unique, tact and reliable.

Kindly call via +2349091658760 or click here to text her on whatsapp.

Beejai Footies, The female cobbler with the Tools.

Author: macdaniel

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